is a website devoted to environmental awareness and action. At the top of the site’s page you will see three columns: “1. Get Informed”, “2. Interact”, and “3. Take Action”. This feature shows Treehugger’s main goals very clearly, to promote awareness of environmental problems, to allow for communications about the issues, and to encourage people to help the environment. Some really interesting features include: slideshows, articles involving celebrities and fashion, games, quizzes, and even a job board! Even though the website has pizazz, it still covers very serious and important issues. Some of the more practical features include articles about: science, food/health, business/politics, green basics, and a guide on how to go green. The “guide” is a series of links that are divided into many categories so that you can read thorough information on how to be more environmentally friendly in every aspect of your life. Click here to check out the green guide!

Here are some of my favorite articles on Treehugger:

This Device Provides Clean Water for only Pennies a Day

Trash Metering Cuts Waste by 50% in one Month

^ This relates to sustainable cities and landfills like we’ve been discussing in Professor Bowden’s Environmental Science 110 class.

Convertible Clothing at Urban Outiftters

Quarter of US Meat Samples Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Factory Farms to Blame: Study